Club Events

Here are some of the planned events for our 2020 MCC year!

  • January 

  • February – Volo Auto Museum and Lake Geneva lunch.

  • March – Chili Cook-Off; Dinner/Dance at Suburban Bourbon.

The following 2020 events have either been cancelled due to Covid19 or in a pending status.

  • April – Drive & Dine to DeMarinis’-Bay View. — Cancelled

  • May – Drive & Dine-TBD; Wisconsin Annual Car Show. — Cancelled

  • June – Fondy Vettes Cruise Around the Lake; Trip to Galena, IL. — Cancelled

  • July – Black Hill 49th Annual Corvette Ralley.  Port Washing Fish Day Parade and Car Show.— Cancelled

  • August – Annual Club Picnic; MCC Car Show & Parade; Regency Car Night(s); Burn Camp.— Cancelled

  • September – Club Hay Ride; Holz Motors Corvette Car Show; Branson, MO Trip; –Pending

  • October – Fall Color Run/St. John’s Military Academy.–Pending

  • November – MCC Dance/Fundraiser–Pending

  • December – MCC Christmas Party; MCC New Years Eve Dinner/Dance.–Pending

For more information about these events,  join us at our next monthly club meeting held the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Suburban Bourbon.